Wasabi Wallet Pushes for a Decentralized Future (Interview With CEO Max Hillebrand)

Wasabi Wallet Pushes for a Decentralized Future (Interview With CEO Max Hillebrand)


The ever-evolving cryptocurrency sector has seen many transformations. One consistent challenge has been maintaining privacy and personal data control.

Wasabi Wallet emerges as a beacon in this landscape, offering a cutting-edge, open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin wallet that champions privacy.

A Personal Journey into Crypto

Max Hillebrand, CEO of zkSNACKs, recalls his transition into the world of crypto, saying,

“I started off with studying economics, specifically the Austrian school. I went down the rabbit hole of free software and privacy technology during the university years.”

His dedication to the cause only grew stronger over time. Reflecting on a pivotal moment in Bitcoin’s history, Hillebrand mentions, “The user-activated soft fork in 2017 was when I realized that this is a tool that is not going away.”

Technological Advancements in the Crypto Landscape

When Hillebrand began his journey, much of the tech we see today wasn’t available. He notes

“When I first got into this, Lightning Network, CoinJoins, all these second-layer technologies were mostly theoretical.”

However, today, these features have not only been realized but are also available at scale, reshaping cryptocurrency’s very fabric.

Wasabi Wallet: Leading the Privacy Revolution

According to Hillebrand, Wasabi Wallet embodies the free and open-source spirit. While handling regular Bitcoin wallet operations, its unique ability to execute CoinJoins makes it stand out. Explaining this, Hillebrand states,

“With CoinJoin, instead of having one person shout out their transaction, you have 100 people shouting out their transactions. The bigger the crowd, the more private each shout is.” This encapsulates the essence of transactional privacy Wasabi offers.

Another innovative feature of Wasabi Wallet is its CoinJoin API, which Hillebrand describes as “This is an API for other wallets to do CoinJoins with the Wasabi coordinator.” This integration can enhance transactional privacy across the broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Great Decentralization Debate

The crypto world has witnessed a division between centralized and decentralized ideologies. Hillebrand offers an insightful perspective, observing,

“There’s a huge trade-off between a centralized system and a decentralized system.” While acknowledging centralized systems’ advantages like efficiency, he underscores potential pitfalls such as privacy compromises. “But with decentralization, it’s very inefficient but very private. I think they can co-exist, but it’s just about making that trade-off.”

The Path Ahead for Wasabi

Hillebrand envisions a future for Wasabi Wallet where complexity is hidden from users. He emphasizes, “The complexity should be handled by the software and the protocol designers. Users should just have tools that work.”

In summary, as the crypto world keeps evolving, privacy-centric solutions like Wasabi Wallet will likely hold significant sway. Representing both technological prowess and the core ethos of decentralization, the future seems promising for those keen on cryptocurrency’s potential.

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