This analyst relies on on-chain metrics to support a Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) rally

This analyst relies on on-chain metrics to support a Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) rally

Bitcoin rose to $17,000 on Monday.

InvestAnswers thinks BTC is about to become bullish based on realised value.

The token faces resistance at $19,000 and 50-day MA.


Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) was up marginally on Monday as most cryptocurrencies made slight recoveries. BTC was back to $17,000 even as data by crypto derivatives exchange Deribit showed that sentiment had shifted in favour of the cryptocurrency. But as this happens, a popular crypto analyst is projecting a rally.

InvestAnswers, a popular crypto analyst, says that on-chain signals suggest BTC is overdue for a rally. The pseudonymous analyst examines Bitcoin’s realised price or RP metrics in making the argument. Normally, RP posts the value of all BTC at the price the tokens were bought and then divides it by the number in circulation. InvestAnswers says that BTC never stays below the RP for long. 

The analyst says BTC has been under RP for 170 days. In 2020, BTC stayed below the RP for 8 days, while in 2018, it was 115 days. In 2015, it stayed a little longer at 240 days and only 110 days in 2011. According to the analyst, the RP of BTC lies at $21,000. Using the analogy, he says that the Bitcoin price is about to soar.

Besides the RP, InvestAnswers says that the rising weakness in the US dollar index suggests a likely rally. The index is inversely correlated to the risk-on assets, meaning that if it goes lower, cryptocurrencies go the other way.

BTC price analysis and outlook amid slight recoveries

BTC/USD Chart by TradingView

BTC trades above the 20-day moving average. Bulls have been winning the war at $16,000, although the bears are still relentless. The RSI remains below the midpoint, and the bullish momentum looks somewhat weak but improving.

Bulls will have the next test at the 50-day MA and the $19,000 resistance.

Should you buy BTC?

BTC is still largely bearish. However, all indications are buyers looking for the next opportune moment. In the meantime, BTC’s eyes $19,000 and a recovery past the level could usher in more upsides.

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