The Biggest GameFi Arcade in Crypto Presale Now

The Biggest GameFi Arcade in Crypto Presale Now


It’s a rare occasion for a project to come along that looks to have the potential to disrupt a $200 billion industry massively. It’s even rarer to find that project as a crypto presale, where investors have the chance to acquire tokens at discount prices before the value explodes.

Metacade is looking like it could be one of those opportunities, with more and more savvy investors quietly flocking to the presale, as shown by the project making an incredible $3.5 million in just 9 weeks.

What is Metacade?

Metacade has laid out plans to build an incredible play-to-earn (P2E) arcade in the metaverse, revolutionizing gaming by redistributing gaming industry profits back to the gamers themselves, allowing them to connect with friends and play their favorite gaming titles all in a single, comprehensive gaming community hub. 

This P2E arcade looks set to become the largest across the entirety of the crypto world, which would put Metacade in a pole position to benefit from a huge network effect and capture a huge slice of the growing crypto-gaming space.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade, currently in its crypto presale, is centered around the fantastic P2E arcade but also features a broad set of complementary features. One continuous theme across the platform is rewards, with many opportunities for users to earn tokens for a range of different actions.

Users are rewarded not only for playing games in the P2E arcade but also through competitive and tournament gaming, allowing those who enjoy the challenge to take on the community of players for the chance to earn prizes and token rewards. Users who contribute to the platform, through providing alpha or writing game reviews, for example, can also earn rewards which provide an incentivization structure for users to help improve and grow the platform over time.

The use of rewards in this way means that the project is likely to see a surge in adoption as its roadmap goes live, building a large amount of momentum for the project and enabling it to reach critical mass very quickly. Once that user base is in place, the project will benefit from the network effect, helping user retention and ensuring ongoing growth of the project.

The project is fuelled by the utility token MCADE, which plays a key role in the functioning of the platform. Not only is MCADE a critical component of the arcade system and entry to the platform for users, but it’s effectively the project’s currency. Tokens are used for everything from buying merchandise to tournament entry, ensuring that as adoption grows, there is more and more demand for MCADE generated in parallel.

MCADE can also be staked, meaning that holders patient enough to wait for the inevitable price increase over time can also earn a passive income. Temporarily committing their MCADE tokens will support the platform’s security and development.

Another key innovation is the Metagrants initiative, which provides MCADE holders with the ability to vote on projects pitched to the community by talented game developers. MCADE holders’ votes determine which projects are funded – and then released on the platform – meaning that they have a direct say in the future direction of the platform.

Can MCADE reach $1?

With the extremely high potential that Metacade offers, it won’t surprise anyone that there is already talk about just how high the token price for MCADE might go, despite it being in the early stage of its crypto presale.

While $1 might sound like a huge increase from the presale prices, if Metacade can secure even just 2% of the $200 billion gaming market as their market cap, the price of MCADE would be $2 — a staggering 250x on the token price during the beta stage of the presale!

Is Metacade a good investment?

Metacade is already shaping up to be a strong candidate for the best coin to invest in during 2023, with an incredible amount of interest in the project due to its potential. Investors looking to get involved will need to act quickly, as the Metacade crypto presale does not look like it will last long.  

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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