NuggetRush presale round 2 kicks off with 20% price increase, is this the next Dogecoin challenger?

NuggetRush presale round 2 kicks off with 20% price increase, is this the next Dogecoin challenger?


NuggetRush’s 20% price increase in Round 2 places it a main Dogecoin challenger.
The Play-to-Earn model and gold rewards make NuggetRush a crypto coin with real-world utility.
With its strategic growth and genuine utility, crypto whales are setting their eyes on this newcomer.

There is no doubt that NuggetRush (NUGX) is getting popular in the crypto world day by day. It’s now in its second presale round and guess what? The price just jumped by 20%. Now, this top crypto coin is available at $0.012. That’s pretty cool, right? Many folks are talking about it and wondering if it has what it takes to be a big player, like Dogecoin.

Speaking of Dogecoin, remember when it was the talk of the town? It soared high and made many millionaires. Now, some are feeling the same for NuggetRush. With its quick growth and rising popularity, some believe it might even challenge Dogecoin’s throne. Let’s figure out if this could be one of the best crypto to invest in.

NuggetRush presale round 2

Round 2 of the presale for NuggetRush (NUGX) is now live. Starting its journey in Round 1 with a sweet spot price of just $0.01, it has now leapt a notable 20%. This makes the current price $0.012. If you’re pondering over the best cryptocurrency to buy now, NuggetRush could be an option before it jets off further.

A closer look at its investment details reveals a whopping $240K raised to date. This makes it the best crypto investment for those who are looking for a real-world utility cryptocurrency. Now, for a little trip down memory lane: remember the early days of Dogecoin? 

Yep, it also hoarded a similar amount in its initial 3 weeks. Drawing parallels, one might wonder if history’s about to repeat itself with NuggetRush.

Here’s a little cherry on top for those who are still exploring other options. Many analysts suggest that the big players – the so-called ‘crypto whales’ are setting their sights on NuggetRush. A nod from these titans can be a game-changer for this new ICO.

Why is NuggetRush so popular among the youth?

You will hear that the crypto world is coming up with new projects daily. However, one name that stands out from the rest is NuggetRush. But what’s the secret behind its rising popularity? The answer lies in its Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming model.

While Dogecoin managed to charm the community with its meme beginnings, it lacked real-world utility. This was well addressed by NuggetRush to make sure it covers what Dogecoin lacked. In today’s world, who doesn’t like gaming? 

And NuggetRush takes it a step further. Instead of just pure recreation, imagine playing a game that rewards you with actual money. That is the reason for its popularity which makes it the best crypto for beginners. Players mine and discover gold with treasure hunts. 

But the real magic happens post-game. The gold mined in the virtual world isn’t just on a screen. Players can trade it in for genuine gold. A game that essentially pays you in gold? Now that’s a golden opportunity!

And to ensure a uniform spread, NuggetRush has allocated a whopping 43% of its coins for public purchase. This is to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at buying this new crypto project. 


NuggetRush’s impressive rise during its presale second round shows its tremendous potential. With a strategic 20% price rise, it’s positioned strongly as the best crypto to buy against the beloved Dogecoin. 

While Dogecoin had its awesome days, this new crypto is stealing the spotlight this month. Time will tell if NuggetRush becomes the next big thing, but early indicators are promising. If you’ve been pondering which crypto to buy today, this contender is worth a closer look.

For more information about the ongoing NuggetRush presale visit NuggetRush Presale Website.


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