Most Anticipated Asset-backed Blockchain Projects of 2022: GLTM, WBTC, SDBN2

Most Anticipated Asset-backed Blockchain Projects of 2022: GLTM, WBTC, SDBN2


Real asset-backed platforms are the emerging trend in the blockchain market that everyone talks about nowadays.

The havoc triggered by the lack of transparency and security in the crypto industry paved the way for this new paradigm. The ecosystems with the best proof-of-reserve protocols are finally taking the lead and attracting investments at an unparalleled rate.

GLTM: Gold as proof-of-reserve and NFTs

GLTM is the native token of the first 100% asset-backed NFT marketplace, otherwise known as the Golteum ecosystem. Still, in its early pre-sale phase, GLTM has definitely drawn the attention of the blockchain community. 

Golteum is set to bridge physical gold with your digital wallet and revolutionize the gold industry. To achieve that, Golteum has officially teamed up with Fireblocks. To support their mission of launching a top-tier trading platform, they’ve chosen to integrate the Fireblocks Web3 Engine.

This includes custody services, treasury management, risk mitigation tools, and their highly anticipated tokenization mechanism for the handling of all gold NFTs. The promising platform adds a layer of transparency and security by using gold’s security as proof of reserve.

Essentially pairing the most precious metal with Web3 to future-proof the value of Golteum’s exciting ecosystem.

GLTM’s utility as a well-needed tool to hedge inflation

Originally valued at $0.07, the current price stands at $0.13 and projections are setting the token for the road to success. GLTM stands out from other tokens by bringing already a significant 85% profit margin for its first investors. 

The current successful round of presale offers a 20% bonus, expanding gain potential even further.

GLTM holders will unlock a bundle of features including reduced fees, discounts, rewards, and high-yield staking. All of these will link buyers with the gold-backed platform, powered by GLTM, the must-have token for crypto enthusiasts and people that want to avoid the wave of inflation.

Golteum’s team and its smart contract have been audited and certified a silver badge by blockchain’s leading security firm Certic. Supporting, even more, the network’s detailed tokenomics and transparent structure.

WBTC: Ethereum smart contracts and Bitcoin as reserve

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with BTC. Consequently, WBTC’s price remains always equal to that of Bitcoin. WBTC injects more liquidity into the Ethereum ecosystem, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and Dapps.

The concept behind this is that most trading volume happens with Bitcoin, which is not very efficient. WBTC aims to change that by integrating Bitcoin’s liquidity into DEXs with the use of Ethereum’s smart contracts. 

The Wrapped Bitcoin protocol improves the speed and lowers the fees of transactions for traders of the most popular cryptocurrency, BTC. 

SDBN2: Renewable energy and the blockchain

The Smart Digital Business Network (SDBN) is a combination of an AI sales system with the SunMoney Community Power Plant program. Last year it launched its own value-producing asset-backed cryptocurrency token, SDBN2. At the moment 400 million tokens priced at $0.01 each, have been available in total.

The token provides investors with access to a physical asset with lasting value. It provides an efficient way to manage and store energy and share future profits with a dividend-based system.

The community will be able to monitor real-time energy data and analytics from solar power production. Investors will also participate in all the major decisions regarding the infrastructure and operations of the energy plant.

Asset-backed projects on a mission to bring stability

Finally, it’s not surprising that investors have been seeking ways to protect their funds from the turmoil in the market and that led to asset-backed tokenomics. The future and current projects with the strongest foundation and most stable proof of reserve will eventually win the blockchain race in the long term.

Only the future will show If it’s solar energy, BTC, or gold. Although looking at gold’s history, admittedly it has passed the test of time. 

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