Metacade’s Crypto Presale Stage 1 Quickly Sells Out

Metacade’s Crypto Presale Stage 1 Quickly Sells Out

Metacade, the new blockchain metaverse arcade, has completely sold out during stage 1 of their crypto presale, adding to the earlier success of the beta phase. Metacade has now raised over $3 million since the project launched just eight weeks ago, with over 300,000,000 MCADE tokens being snapped up in two sell-out investment rounds.

The crypto presale will now enter stage 2, where a further 157,500,000 MCADE will be made available at the price of $0.012 – a 20% price increase from stage 1. This means that there are just six further presale rounds left before MCADE reaches its final price point at the $0.02 mark, with stage 3 set to raise the value of MCADE tokens a further 8.3%.

Russell Bennett, Head of Product at Metacade, commented on the recent success of the crypto presale: “The rate of progress during the presale has been immense. We’re delighted to see our backing from the gaming community; it’s given us a real sense of determination to deliver the best GameFi experience for everyone involved. We aim to keep this momentum going long into the future.”

Metacade is the first community-driven arcade, offering the biggest selection of play-to-earn arcade games that can be found on the blockchain. The arcade will be a comprehensive platform that delivers play-to-earn, pay-to-play, eGaming tournaments, and a host of additional earning mechanics for its community of gamers.


The platform will become a community hub for Web3, providing a central location to discover all the latest trends in blockchain gaming. Users can earn MCADE tokens for their contributions, including posting game reviews, sharing alpha, and testing out new arcade games.

The MCADE token is used to reward the community as they play arcade games and create content on the platform, as well as to gain entry to eGaming tournaments. Users can also stake MCADE to earn a passive income and trade the token on exchanges or send it peer-to-peer.

Metacade is also creating jobs for crypto enthusiasts through its Work2Earn feature. This will connect the community with paid opportunities in Web3, ranging from part-time roles to full-time positions at Metacade and its partners.

The early days of Metacade have been filled with success, as the platform’s diverse range of GameFi features has attracted major interest from the crypto community. To verify the security of the platform, Metacade has been audited by Certik, an industry-leading auditing firm. The full results can be found on Certik’s website.

The MCADE crypto presale will release 70 percent of the total token supply, as the platform has taken a true community-driven approach. One hundred forty billion MCADE will be released in total, with the remaining tokens being used to provide platform liquidity, support the arcade, and develop the platform over the coming years.

When the crypto presale is complete, MCADE will be launched on Bitmart and a number of DEXs, further boosting demand for the token. The current price of $0.012 could be a bargain compared to its future price action, which makes the crypto presale the perfect opportunity to get involved.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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