Logan Paul’s $1.8M CryptoZoo Repayment: 222 Days of Inaction

222 Days Since Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo Scam Commitment: What’s Next?


It’s been precisely 222 days since Logan Paul, a major social media figure, committed to paying a substantial $1.8 million to victims of the CryptoZoo scam, yet the victims remain uncompensated. Here’s a brief revisit into the controversial narrative that shook the cryptocurrency community and deceived countless investors.

In 2021, Logan Paul, armed with an enormous online audience of 4 million subscribers, threw his weight behind a cryptocurrency venture named CryptoZoo LLC. 

How CryptoZoo Sparked Interest on Empty Promises

The platform was portrayed as an enticing game with profitable potential, even drawing parallels to iconic brands like Pokémon in its promotional pitches.

However, the storyline veered sharply when YouTuber CoffeeZilla unveiled a three-part series scrutinizing the CryptoZoo enterprise. The investigation spotlighted concerns about CryptoZoo’s business model. 

Players were lured into buying in-game currency, only to be left with unfulfilled promises and unreturned investments.

CoffeZilla Exposes Logan Paul CryptoZoo Scam

Logan Paul’s initial reaction was aggressive, churning out videos challenging CoffeeZilla’s claims and signaling potential legal action. 

Yet, the overwhelming public sentiment eventually led Paul to strike a conciliatory note. He expressed remorse, pledging publicly to rectify the situation.

Logan Paul Deleted Response on CryptoZoo Expose by CoffeeZilla



Fast-forward to January 13, Logan Paul elucidated his remediation plan. He declared his intentions to relinquish his game ownership. He also promised to return at least $1.3 million to the aggrieved parties and ensure the game’s completion. 

To reinstate trust, Paul intended to sever his financial affiliations with CryptoZoo, propelling the token values for the game’s participants. Furthermore, he proposed creating a user-friendly rewards system for effortless cash-outs and committed to pushing CryptoZoo’s development to align with its initial promises.

Victims Tired of Waiting

Yet, as days turned into months, Paul’s promises echoed hollowly. The victims, still awaiting their dues, oscillate between hope and disillusionment. 

The unfolding scenario underlines the inherent risks tied to the volatile nature of NFTs and crypto projects and amplifies concerns about the unchecked influence of digital celebrities.

The amount Logan Paul personally profited from this venture remains undisclosed. However, it’s clear that he did benefit monetarily from his CryptoZoo association. 

As the legal proceedings evolve, the overarching question persists: When will Logan Paul’s commitments transcend words and manifest into tangible actions?

To this day, all CryptoZoo investors, big and small, are still waiting for their rightful reimbursements.


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